Threaded server in python!?

Giorgi Lekishvili gleki at
Tue Jan 7 11:48:11 EST 2003

"Elf M. Sternberg" wrote:

> Mike Meyer <mwm at> writes:
> >> Using a library like Twisted <>, it's
> >> straightforward to handle multiple sockets, without needing threads.
> >> As a bonus, Twisted has implementations of many common protocols, ready for
> >> you to use and adapt to your problem
> > The above also applies to medusa, except that it's a multi-protocol
> > internet server instead of a library. I actually wrote an http chat
> > server on top of medusa for a client, and was pleased with how well it
> > worked.
>         And if you want your hand held, Webware
> <> is a full-blown application server
> written in Python that has session and transaction management, header
> and CGI argument processing, and a very easy to understand application-
> and-page deployment pattern that Fits Your Brain(tm).  You could gin up
> a simple chat server over HTTP in less than an hour.  And it's
> multi-threaded, using asyncore.

asynchroneous? 'Cause I am afraid I havn't understand how to make synchronization
work with ThreadingTCPServer:(((


>         If you feel the need to re-invent this particular wheel, you
> clearly don't understand the road.
>                 Elf

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