Python web development, really

Alex Reid alex at phiz.netNOSPAM
Sun Jan 26 20:17:02 CET 2003

"Mark Smith" <mark at> wrote in message
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> jbperez808 at (Jonathan P.) wrote:
> >Spyce gives me the vanilla PHP-like functionality I want(*) -
> >the kind of straight Python-code embedding that PyHP, PyML,
> >PMZ, Fenster provide except that these projects seem to have
> >been abandoned.
> For simple templating and Python embedding, PWO (
> has a clean, uncluttered syntax.

If you don't mind your application being coupled to Java libraries, I've had
good results using JythonServlet. Sometimes JSP can be used
to template pages. All of the Java libraries are there to use, not to
mention session handling. And it all runs inside a servlet container! For
me, it's the best compromise. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else is
using this approach widely.


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