Python vs. Ruby

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Wed Jan 1 01:11:36 CET 2003

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> Hello all.
> I know Python and have come to love it very much. Nearly all of my
> scripting tasks with large databases are written in it.
> My question is this -- what are the qualitative differences between
> Python and Ruby? Does Ruby has any strengths, either in the language
> itself or its available libraries, that are better than Python? Or are
> they pretty much even?
> Also, on the issue of threading -- does Ruby have better support for
> threading than Python? Or are they pretty much equal?
> Thanks in advance for all of your responses.

Ruby, of course, has brackets for code blocks which seems
to be a nicety that Python missed.

It also has a solution to one of the ugliest warts in Python:
the fact that the .append(), .sort() and .reverse() methods
don't return an updated value, so you can't chain them.

The rest of the differences other people have pointed out
(other than the size of the library) are, to me, relatively

John Roth
> -Fred

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