How do I get to *all* of the groups of an re search?

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Sun Jan 12 18:41:26 CET 2003

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> Erik Max Francis <max at> writes:
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> >> Thank you.  Any idea how I should have know to find that from
> >> here?
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> >Click on the right arrow multiple times.  Or, click up, then note all
> >the related subjects, click on "Match Objects."
> O.k., now *why*, as a naive beginning programmer, would I
> do that when a simple answer appears to be staring at me?

Well, you might have read earlier in the page: ''' brief explanation of the
format of regular expressions follows. For further information and a gentler
presentation, consult the Regular Expression HOWTO, accessible from ''', and realised that the reference would
have been more helpful to a naiive beginning programmer. Even then,
following the "Groups" link from the TOC doesn't really give you a
definitive notification of the finer points of grouped matching.

However, if you're complaining that the re documentation is unhelpful and
confusing, I'd tend to agree (as one who finds re's generally unhelpful and
confusing). You've already mailed docs at with your suggested
changes, I hope ;-)?

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