what do after installing Python2 ?

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>Just yesterday I installed Python2  from a Hungry Minds CD that came with
>"Beginning Programming for Dummies".  The documentation is not straight clear
>with "Beginning Programming for Dummies".    Is this Python2 really suitable
>for beginners?  What am I missing?   How Am I missing it?
>G C

Python is absolutely suitable for beginners.  Several
of us argue it's the best language for beginners.

Locals generally say "Python" rather than "Python2".

What are you missing?  Probably a few dabs of acculturation.
To answer your question, it would help to know what you
have.  What's your background with computers and languages?
In any case, most of what you need you'll find at <URL:
http://www.python.org/ >.  Perhaps <URL: http://
www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/2000/06/02/magazine/python_first_language.html >
will also interest you.

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