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Sat Jan 11 19:53:53 CET 2003

Andrew Dalke <adalke at> wrote in message news:<avog65$etd$1 at>...
> vvainio at (Ville Vainio)
> >>Yes, I found your example much more powerful, readable and
> >>outrageously different from the hypothetical
> >>
> >>import highlevelmailmodule
> >>
> >>highlevelmailmodule.sendmail(from='me at',
> >>         to='you at',
> >>                ... etc
> James Huang wrote:
> > Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
> > It's amazing that someone on this list can actually say this.
> Hmmm.  My reading was that that statement was meant to be
> sarcastic, not appreciative.  But then again, I'm on this list
> so what do I know.

If the original has that much, don't you see that same amount of the
same ingredient in the second?

However, I still think the original message has some decent thinking,
not just the piece you chose to include.

> 					Andrew
> 					dalke at

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