java introduction for pythonistas

laotseu bdesth at
Wed Jan 29 04:21:04 CET 2003

Alex Polite wrote:
> I've been working a few years with python. I'm  rather confident with
> basic OO design principles. Now some people that I consult for might
> be moving to Java. So I need to get up to speed with java. Are there
> any good documents out there for people with a python background
> coming to Java. 
> I'm not so interested in syntactical questions (eg
> "this is how we construct a for loop in python and this is how we do it
> java") I'm more interested in OO design patterns that Java supports (I
> know that it supports interfaces for one thing) that are not readily
> available in python, 

Think you'd better look for design patterns that Python supports and 
that won't never be available in Java !-)


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