invoking multiple methods (Was: Python vs. Ruby)

Beni Cherniavsky cben at
Thu Jan 16 13:46:06 CET 2003

On 2003-01-10, Bengt Richter wrote:

> But your idea is growing on me. If you take the sequence to be args of a kind
> of repeating text macro, whereobj.(xxx,yyy,zzz) =>; obj.yyy; obj.zzz
> you would have a kind of "with" e.g.,
>   obj.(
>       a=123,
>       foo(),
>       x
>   )
> =>
>   obj.a=123
>   obj.x
> Don't take too seriously ;-)
The DUEL extension to gdb (google for it) had lot's of cool typing-saving
features and one of my favourite things was the treatement of the dot
operator: it executed the right part with the fields of the left part
brought into scope (i.e. exactly what you propose, except that in Python
it suffers from scoping problems).  DUEL is recommended reading, got me
interested in Icon (which I couldn't understand so I started designing my
own language based on these ideas :-)...

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