Executing a modified function

Lennart Kolmodin kolmodin at dtek.chalmers.se
Fri Jan 3 16:58:01 CET 2003

Try the latest version of IDLEfork 0.9a1:

--cut 'n' paste from homepage---
The biggest change in IDLEfork is to execute
Python code in a separate process, which is
/restarted/ for each Run (F5) initiated from an
editor window. This enhancement of IDLE has often
been requested, and is now finally available. The
magic "reload/import *" incantations are no longer
required when editing/testing a module two or
three steps down the import chain.

-- Lenny
"Dave Bazell" <bazell at comcast.net> skrev i meddelandet
news:r0idna5vDeAYNImjXTWcqg at comcast.com...
> If I enter python and run a funtion, then I modify it and try to run it
> again, it appears I execute the old version.  Is there a way to force the
> new version to be executed in this situation, without leaving python and
> starting again?
> Dave

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