Debugging mixed Python and C++ -- possible?

Carl Bevil carl_bevil at
Wed Jan 22 19:45:28 CET 2003

Hello all.  I'm investigating using Python for a large project to be completed 
later this year.  Parts of it will be coded in C++, mixed in with Python.

The platform we'll be coding on is "proprietary", and doesn't support dynamic 
linking, so if we decide to go with Python we'll embed the interpreter and any 
extension modules into the application itself.  At least, I think this is the 
best way to go based on the research I've done.

To debug in C++ on this platform, one can use CodeWarrior on a Windows machine 
remotely (CodeWarrior is also used to compile C++ to native code for this 

What I'm concerned about is the ability to debug Python scripts alongside C++ 
code.  Obviously having an interactive debugger helps speed up the development 
cycle; not having one may remove gains made from coding in a higher-level 
language like Python.

In this situation, what do people here suggest?  The debugger will run on a 
Windows machine, but needs to debug Python code running on a device elsewhere 
on the network.  I think it probably will have to be able to attach to an 
already running process, and will have to deal with the interpreter being 
embedded in another application.

Am I expecting too much?



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