Urgent. malformed header from script error!

Erik Max Francis max at alcyone.com
Mon Jan 13 12:18:23 CET 2003

Manos Papagelis wrote:

> Running apache on solaris the following error occurs when trying to
> run a
> python script:
>     malformed header from script. Bad header=Could not  read-open file
> /bla:
> blabla.py
> Although it seems to be a simple permition problem, it is not fixed by
> changing the permitions of the refered directory and file.
> Could anyone suggest what's the problem and how can be solved?

The exact message is crucial; when asking for technical answers for
technical questions, paraphrasing is never helpful.

>From the description, it's either a permissions problem (the script is
not executable by the user the server runs as, usually nobody), a server
configuration problem (the server is not configured to execute CGI
scripts in the place you've put the file, or it does not recognize the
.py extension as a legal CGI script), or it's a header problem (you're
not printing a proper HTTP header at the top of the script).  Which of
the three it is, it's hard to say without accurate information.

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