Tkinter keybindings

Laura Creighton lac at
Thu Jan 9 08:43:29 CET 2003

I didn't do this for windows, but once I needed to remove the tab binding
altogether from a text widget.  There is something funny about the tab, and
bindtags let tab pass right through the text widget and into my signal
handler.  But brute force worked:

from Tkinter import *

def key_event(event):
        print 'keysym:' + event.keysym

root = Tk()
text = Text(root,height=10,width=50,font='courier 9')
text.bind("<Key>", key_event)
l_b_ts = text.bindtags()

# after the next line, the Key event wont be raised for Tabs

# now it will
print newTextBinds
newTextBinds = l_b_ts[1],l_b_ts[0],l_b_ts[2],l_b_ts[3]
text.bindtags = newTextBinds


This was about my fifth Tkinter program, and I wrote it to help
AlankarMisra who posted it as a problem on c.lang.python in 2001
sometime.   The important detail is that the method call didn't rebind 
the tab key, but rebinding it by hand worked.

Laura Creighton

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