Copyright on the Python and Python-console icons?

Dan Bishop danb_83 at
Thu Jan 16 21:06:30 CET 2003

"Steve Holden" <sholden at> wrote in message news:<zgzV9.5758$YI5.1800 at>...
> "Erik Max Francis" <max at> wrote ...
> > Tim Peters wrote:
> >
> > > Which one?  The definition of public domain is conventional.
> >
> > Yes, and explicitly waiving copyright (or having it expire) and
> > releasing works into the public domain is explicitly allowed for in
> > copyright law.
> >
> Although, of course, we shouldn't overlook the proclivity of Congress to
> extend copyright terms arbitrarily so that the families of 1960s pop starts
> will be able to live comfortably off a royalty stream that would otherwise
> have expired.

Or 1920s cartoonists.

The Eldred decision was ridiculous.

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