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Thomas Heller theller at
Wed Jan 8 13:11:02 CET 2003

"Donnal Walter" <donnalcwalter at> writes:

> "Jonathan Ellis" <ellisjb at> wrote:
> > "Justin Shaw" <wyojustin at> wrote:
> > > I have a project set up on source forge, SpellQuest,  I need to
> > > set up the CVS repository.  Can someone tell me how to do it
> > > from Windows or Linux. The Sourceforge how to tells you to "log
> > > into the CVS server"  what is that? Is it different from
> > >  I'd appreciate the set by step commands if
> > > anyone can fill them in for me.
> >
> > kind of a meta-answer: the best cvs front-end for windows (or linux,
> > for that matter) is smartcvs.  the free version is quite good, and if
> > you want the extra features in the payware version it's quite
> > affordable.
> I am in much the same boat as Justin. Generally I am pretty adept at
> figuring things out for myself, but somehow I am missing one or two crucial
> steps. Part of the problem is that all the instructions seem to be written
> for Unix users and for the moment at least I am stuck with Windows.
> So, I downloaded smartcvs and ran the setup. It looks like it is exactly
> what I need, but again, I can't quite get it to connect with my project on
> SF. Here is my first specific question. Does smartcvs have all I need to
> make this connection, or do I need to download some kind of SSH support as
> well? Thanks.

I don't know anything about smartcvs, but here are instructions
how to set up "cmdline CVS using SSH under Windows":

They worked for me.


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