grayrest grayrest at
Mon Jan 27 23:23:48 CET 2003

shawn wrote:
> I am planning to write a program that use Python, Mozilla and pyxpcom. 
> As I can't find the binary of pyxpcom, I have to compile it for myself. 
> But I don't want to use the costly MSVC. Can anyone can give me a hand? 
> I am used to use the Mingw as my C++ compiler.

I don't think that pyxpcom is being maintained or that it will 
build/work with versions of mozilla built after 4/1/2002 (including your 
version 1.0).

I tried to build it and failed both with 1.0 code and with today's cvs. 
It turns out that it depends on a file xp_core.h which was taken out of 
the tree as seen here:

Further searching shows that the maintainer wasn't really interested in 
keeping it up to date:

Upgrade to moz 1.3 ;] it's got bayesian spam filtering that works great, 
though recent nightlies have been unstable for me.

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