Python magazine(s)?

Bryan Richard bryan at
Fri Jan 24 00:07:03 CET 2003

On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 12:51, GerritM wrote:
> pyzine is a very nice initiative, quality of number 1 was great. 


> From Europe
> it is somewhat difficult to order and pay, which delayed my order for nr 2
> and 3.
> In earlier discussions I favored a price increase. Apparantly more people
> did, the price did increase very significant. What I don't understand is the
> additional price increase for Europe, I don't believe that the
> transportation cost is that much more expensive (USA price=12$, Europe =22$
> per issue, or 40$ vs 75$ for 4 issues).
> regards Gerrit

The shipping costs for international orders of Py are roughly double
what they are domestic. Still, from the outside, that might not merit
the cost increase. The real costs of shipping international are the time
and money spent on lost and returned issues (international mail being
what it is), which we see a lot of, proportional to the number of actual
zines we ship.

There are services in Europe that could handle distribution but their
take can cut to the quick and those margins are partially figured into
the price increase. 

I've said in the past, the price of Py is only high if the content isn't
compelling enough and I still think that still holds true. It's a far
better prospect, in my mind, if we raise the quality of Py to the price
rather than lower the price to the zine. The price increase has allowed
us to double the size of the current issue and, after it we see what
kind of reaction it gets, might allow us to double the size again. 

You can't really look at Py though the lens of a traditional
publication. Most magazines make practically nothing on subscription
fees. All costs are covered with advertising. Py is just the opposite of

Concerning glossy magazines, I doubt you will see a Python magazine pop
up in the States any time soon (certainly not this year). I was involved
in an attempt to launch a new glossy last year with a sizable publisher
and the barriers to entry are just too high right now. And given the
traction that Python has in Europe, you will probably see a German
version before you see one Stateside. As soon as advertisers see Python
users as a marketable audience, that is.

Kendall, our planted post to the list seems to have backfired! ;-)

- Bryan Richard
Publisher & Mail Boy, Py

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