Explicit Frustration of the Self

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Wed Jan 1 05:24:20 CET 2003

"Sean Ross" <sross at connectmail.carleton.ca> wrote in message
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> More explicit, in that it is fairly obvious that  you are defining a
> that will be called by self,
> as opposed to defining a method that will be passed self as an
argument, as
> the current form suggests.

But of course, the first argument *is* passed as an argument -- which
you can do explicitly if you do not like the usual abbreviated form.
>>> class c:
...   def test(s): print 231
>>> ci = c()
>>> c.test(ci)

And, of course, calling the first arg 'self' is a convention, not a

Terry J. Reedy

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