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Thu Jul 3 22:21:14 CEST 2003

Guyon Morée wrote:
> You're gonna love this :)
> "Aurélien Géron" <ageron at> wrote in message
> news:be1hs0$111s$1 at
>>Does anyone know where I can find a lot of Python code snippets?

Or you might want to just look around here. In this 
newsgroup/mailing-list one gets to see really lots of nice code.

One that I would nominate as the best test for measuring a hard-core 
python programmer would be to explain the following code without the 
context :)

Karl Scalet wrote:
 > there are very likely easier ways, but at least
 > s = 'C6 H12 O6'
 > print [' '.join(xx) for xx in apply(
 >     zip,[(x[0],x[1:]) for x in s.split()])]
 > gives some results,
 > Karl

Once I understood the above, I beleive I will write python in my Resume...

What was this about "One simple obvious way doing it"? ;)

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