Python vs PHP

Thomas Weholt ( PRIVAT ) 2002 at
Mon Jul 7 13:34:41 CEST 2003

Replace PHP ? They're rather different animals, but as Web programming
languages go I think there is little you can do in PHP that you cannot do in
Python some way or another.

Python has good support MySQL. Search for Mysql and python on The docs contain examples on how to connect to the
database too.

General tutorials on Python are available at, but more web
specific docs depends on what you want to do, how and where ( platform
etc ).

Give a bit more details.


"Catalin" <ady982 at> wrote in message
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> Can Python replace PHP?
> Can I use a python program to make an interface to a mysql 4.X database?
> If that's possible where can I find a tutorial?

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