Python and VS.Net

Tim Peters tim_one at
Wed Jul 23 06:24:52 CEST 2003

> Has anyone tried building Python with VC++.NET? Does it work or fail
> horribly like I think it will.

Yes, several people have built it that way, and it works fine.  You can get
into obscure kinds of trouble if you try to mix code compiled with VC6 and
VC7, though, because the C runtime systems are distinct (so, e.g.,
malloc()ing memory in one runtime and free()ing it in another, or passing
FILE* thingies across them, can lead to subtle-- or instantly
catastrophic --problems).

Note that all current Windows installers from PythonLabs install code
compiled with VC6, and the same will be true for 2.3 final (due out next
week).  It also seems that 3rd-party extension modules compiled with VC7 are
still hard to come by.

> My boss seems to think it is good to have programs that are in managed
> code because it is more 'portable'.  Not that there's another complete
> .NET runtime besides Microsoft's but he does not understand that.

If you're younger than him, you can reasonably hope to outlive him <wink>.

alas-it's-not-a-strategy-that-works-your-whole-career-ly y'rs  - tim

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