Python 2.3C1 Fails to build ?

Martin v. Löwis martin at
Fri Jul 25 07:17:07 CEST 2003

"Holden Caulfield" <phoebe_1 at> writes:

>   The integer operation result is out of range.
>    PT(0), PT(1), PT(2), PT(3), PT(4), PT(5), PT(6), PT(7)
> Any ideas what is going on?

I'd say there is a bug in the compiler. PT(0) is PTA(0), PTA(0),
which is

((poolp )((uchar *)&(usedpools[2*(0)]) - 2*sizeof(block *)))

Assuming that "2*(0)*" and "2*sizeof(block*)" are all not out of
range, abouth the only remaining operation is the subtraction, which
is of type "uchar* - size_t". This is, however, not an integer
operation, but a pointer operation.

You might want to try similar expressions in a separate program, to
narrow down the problem further.


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