How to get CGI request-URL

Gilles Lenfant glenfant at
Sat Jul 5 00:04:11 CEST 2003

"Hallvard B Furuseth" <h.b.furuseth(nospam)@usit.uio(nospam).no> a écrit
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> How can I get the URL the user typed (except the part after '?') with
> the cgi module?
> I expect the 'Host:' HTTP header + os.environ['SCRIPT_NAME'] would do
> it, but I don't see how to find the Host header.  The www server has
> several names, so I can't just use the default host name.
> --
> Hallvard

Don't remember but...

There's a test() function in the cgi module that shows the special data
available from a CGI script.


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