Python is a gem, you need to keep pushing it ....

Graeme Matthew gsmatthew at
Sun Jul 6 14:08:35 CEST 2003

sorry guys, i was just praising python not trying to cause a theoretical
bitch fight, for my purposes it the best language out there, if you need to
write device driver fine use C ...
"Graeme Matthew" <gsmatthew at> wrote in message
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> Hi all, I just wanted to tell someone :-)
> I was previously a perl programmer and have been a visual basic frustrated
> developer for a number of years, only for the reason that corporates are
> obsessed with using proprietary marketing focused computer languages and
> using true computer science oriented solutions written by computer science
> engineers and not a marketing panel. The amount of frustration I have
> experienced using visual basic is unbelievable and most of these programs
> could have been easily written in python and solved in half the time. I
> looked at ruby, it is a beautiful language too but there are still too
> scarce libraries compared to python. Perl, I still like perl but its
> requires a photographic memory when coming back to some old code.
> I have now taken on a large project outside of work for another company,
> initially they, yes wait for it, wanted a VB client / server solution. It
> took me lot of hard motivation and they have now totally changed their
> focus, a web based python solution it now is ! who said one cannot market
> linux, python and mysql ? I hope to have the project completed in 6 months
> and I am looking forward to adding it to one of python's success stories.
> So the whole point of this email is that if a lot of you are hitting the
> same frustration as myself where managers (and people who think Microsoft
> invented everything well except a watch you need to recharge every 2 days
> :-)  keep on insisting on developing in the basket case Microsoft
> such as VB (I am not mentioning C or C++ as it does not fall into this
> bracket)  then dont give up, keep up the evangelism, as someday they will
> give in .... and let you prove it too them
> Cheers

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