httplib\urllib attributes problem

Bobbie lorenb2 at
Sun Jul 20 21:28:54 CEST 2003

hello ppl,

While trying to build a web client I've encountered problems using both 
httplib and urllib2.  

The problem with httplib is that the "Accept-Encoding: Identity" HTTP header is
always sent by the library with no regard to my headers configuration.  in case
I setup an "Accept-Encoding" header of my own it just sends them both...

The problem with urllib2 is that a "User-agent: Python-urllib/2.0a1" is, again, sent
by default. in case I setup a "User-Agent" attribute of my own it just, again, sends
them both. Note the lower-case 'a' letter in the former user-agent
automatically sent by the library.  I can't even overrun it because of that.

I'll be happy for any kind of help, suggestion,...


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