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At 01:48 PM 7/7/2003 +0100, John J. Lee wrote:

>"Tony Meyer" <ta-meyer at ihug.co.nz> writes:
> > > A chess program
> > > is different from a 3D game in that with a 3D game, you can
> > > stop at some point and say, "ok, this is fast enough." There
> > This isn't really true.  Sure you can say that the framerate is fast 
> enough,
> > but when do you stop and say "the graphics look real enough"?  (I'm sure
> > there is a point, but it's a distant point, like 'solving' chess).
>No matter how distant, it's nowhere near as far off as 'solving' chess
>(which is no doubt physically impossible, at least with classical
>(Turing machine) computation).

Physically impossible? or impractical. If it can be solved by Turing 
machine computation then it is physically possible, even though it might 
take more time/resources than anyone cares to expend. But remember "When 
Harley Was One" and he invented the G.O.D.?

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