Python and freeze (something odd)

Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Thu Jul 10 13:39:36 CEST 2003

Aki Niimura wrote:

> I'm trying to "freeze" my script to a single executable file under
> Solaris using freeze. I have done such many times and it worked
> magically (until now).

> When I started the generated executable, I got the following:
>   File "/usr/local/lib/python2.2/email/", line 44, in
> _is8bitstring


>     unicode(s, 'us-ascii')
> LookupError: unknown encoding: us-ascii

I think this might be related to a problem that existed in many
embedding situations. Check this bug on sourceforge

[663074]: codec registry and Python embedding problem

I had a similar problem with mod_python and python 2.2.2. I upgraded
to python 2.2.3, and the problem just went away.

So it's probably worth upgrading to 2.2.3, and see if that fixes the


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