experience with emacs and python-mode

Leo leo.broska at NOSPAM.isys.com.au
Wed Jul 2 08:40:22 CEST 2003

thanks for your information.

now i've started to use python-mde a bit more and its qirks quite well.

cheers, leooo

"Leo" <leo.broska at NOSPAM.isys.com.au> wrote in message
news:bdp8gv$2krt$1 at otis.netspace.net.au...
> hi all
> i'm new to python and new to the group and i want to develop python with
> emacs :-) i try to use python-mode.el version 4.6.
> does somebody else uses this? or what is your recommendation for editing
> python code in emacs?
> btw: i have a little customisation problem with python mode:
> after running a script with py-execute-import-or-reload the cursor is in
> output window but i want to have it back in the source code. is there a
> option i can tweak?
> thanks for all answers,
> leooo
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