Replacing rexec

Asun Friere afriere at
Fri Jul 18 07:16:42 CEST 2003

Jack Diederich <jack at> wrote in message news:<mailman.1058455527.3092.python-list at>...

> MUDs also have an advantage
> because the people writing code are hand picked.  They have a stake in doing
> the right thing so they rarely write malicious code.

Not so with most MOOs (MOO was designed from the ground up to be
via a prototyping OO language (the OO in MOO) by any user with a prog
bit set), where almost anyone is given programming privleges.  In fact
the only requirement, AFAIK (and it's been a while), on the MOO cited
(LambdaMOO), is membership of one month standing.

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