anything like C++ references?

Jack Diederich jack at
Tue Jul 15 06:40:24 CEST 2003

On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 03:59:53AM +0100, Stephen Horne wrote:
> The term 'variable' is defined by mathematics and computer science.
> The fact that Python has arbitrarily redefined it is the cause of very
> real confusion and errors.

Previously I thought you were just trolling.  But what are we going on now?
three days?  <stanlee>I know you, true believer.</stanlee>

This is not C++, this is python:

[Jack as an undergrad, entering his prof's office]

Me: Sir, Mr Diederich here. you asked me to come by?
Prof: I've something to tell you, prophecy of a sort.
Me: a quick sort?
Prof: no, a prophecy sort.
Me: I haven't taken that course yet.
Prof: *sigh* You had some trouble in class today?
Me: variable.
Prof: variably across the board, but variables constantly.
Me: that's my problem, constantly variables.
Prof: you just did it again.
Me: you just lost me again.
Prof: Son, comp sci has fallen into confusion.
Me: constant or variable?
Prof [raised eyebrow]
Prof: Ada of Lovelace wrote about this a long, long time ago.  Our profession
      has fallen into disrepair, but one will come to make all things clear.
Me: I'm not up to it, Sir.
Prof: *glance* fallen into disrepair, but hope will come in the form of a man.
Me: Still not ready, Sir.
Prof: *thwap* You will know Him by his heresy and by his name 'Stephen'
Me: Its Jack Sir, you've been my adviser for two semesters.
Prof: *solid beating* You will know Him by his heresy, by his name 'Stephen'
      and his never ending glyphs.
Me: glyphs Sir?
Prof: don't be an asshole, He will type a lot.
Me: And I will know Him by his typing?
Prof: No, you will know Him by his heresy, his name 'Stephen', AND his typing.

Prof: And pasties, he will definitely be wearing pasties.


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