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Carsten Gehling carsten at
Wed Jul 16 16:54:09 CEST 2003

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> Why, did Apache's reverse proxy module stop working suddenly?

Sorry - you're right :-) In fact this is also the way I would configure

> Note, however, that Twisted is *not* a web framework. It has a web
> server, but writing in that raw is much like writing raw mod_python
> code -- it's often useful, but most of the time, it is the wrong
> level of abstraction. Twisted's "official" templating system is
> Woven. However, Twisted also works with Quixote and it is quite possible
> to adapt other frameworks to it. And lest I forget, webtk[0]
> also runs on top of Twisted.

Ahh, now I didn't know this - YAFTR (Yet Another Framework To Research....)

> It, is, however, still strange to me why you rejected Plone so carelessly
> as it *is*, actually, a CMS. Maybe you had good reasons too -- but until
> you explain those reasons, it will be hard to guess whether they apply
> to other web frameworks.

This may be due to pure lazyness. I looked at Plone for 3 days, and still
didn't "grasp it". Add to this a heavy burden of work.

I may be ignorant of major Plone issues, but here are my main "grudges"
against it (please bear in mind that I haven't researched Plone for more
than 3 days, and some of my arguments may look plain stupid ;-) :

1) I don't the idea, that the user authentication (login form) to managing
the content of the website is visible on the website's pages.

2) I want the content management interface to be similar to the one I
currently use in my own CMS. (One frame with a tree structure of the page
hierarki, one frame with the page displayed, and content editing forms as
popup windows).

- Carsten

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