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Van Gale news at
Sat Jul 26 03:10:11 CEST 2003

holger krekel wrote:
> Yes, i think adding platform specific methods to a Path object makes sense.  
> A friend and me started working on (local and subversion) Path 
> implementations last week.  Currently a Path instance provides 
> these "path-taking" methods 
>     open  
>     read
>     write
>     visit  (a recursive walker)
>     listdir
>     stat
>     load/save (unpickle/pickle object)
>     setmtime  (set modification time, uses os.utime)

Interesting, I started a project modifying Jason's Path module to work 
on subversion trees as well.  I didn't get too far before putting the 
project on a back-burner so I'm glad to hear someone else is thinking 
the same way :)

My extensions to Path included an additional argument to "open" that 
included a version number, and a mechanism for retrieving some kind of 
"metadata" associated with the file.

I also made another Path module that implements a "poor mans cms" if 
subversion/rcs/cvs are not available.  It uses hidden files with version 
numbers in the filename to emulate a real version control system.

Van Gale

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