Directory Structure for Distutils

Thomas Güttler guettler at
Mon Jul 21 16:50:19 CEST 2003

Peter Klyushkin wrote:

> Hello, Thomas!
>>>>>> "TG" == Thomas Güttler writes:
>  TG> Thomas Güttler wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> What is the best directory structure for python modules?
>  TG> One thing is still unclear: How can I copy non python files into
>  TG> the destination?  There is a directory called "gif" which needs
>  TG> to be in the directory of the my module.
> Take a look at ResourcePackage.  It isn't exactly what you want but it
> is exactly for your purpose.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for this link, but I don't want the images to become
python source.

Still looking for a solution ...


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