Mac OS X, Fink, Python, and web browser

Michael Hudson mwh at
Thu Jul 17 19:50:00 CEST 2003

Joe Heafner <heafnerj at> writes:

> Don Hiatt <donhiatt at> wrote:
> > You can change your default web browser to Safari using the preferences
> > pane (under internet, I believe). If IDLE_fork uses the default browser
> > property then Safari should launch.
> >
> Hi.
> I just double checked and Safari is indeed my system default under System 
> Preferences -> Internet -> Web. There's no mention of Safari in 
> though.

IIRC, uses internet config on the mac, so you certainly
should get the default browser.  I've had trouble getting with on Mac OS X before now, though, but I didn't dig.


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