Is there any solution in PYTHON?

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jul 7 22:45:43 CEST 2003

A wrote:
> I have a program that downloads some web pages. Sometimes there is a poor internet
> connection and my script freezes( hangs) and does not download ALL pages.
> Is there any solution how to test if the program works and if not re-start it from the point
> where it stopped?
> Or simply how to download ALL pages eventhough there is a timeout connection( can be
> of any value)?

I would think (not that I do this kind of thing often) that there would be
a better program than the one you are using, which can suck down all files
in a site *and* handle timeouts, which is obviously a pretty common problem.

Or is there a reason you want to use Python specifically?  Sounds more like
make-work to me.


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