Can't install csv parser

BogAl bogal2 at
Tue Jul 15 20:54:14 CEST 2003

Thanks for the reply, John....
> I would suggest that you 
> (1) Remove all your copies of csv.pyd
> (2) Install the csv module properly by following the instructions on
> Dave's website (i.e. briefly, you unpack the distribution into a
> directory, and then run

I tried this first; went to the suggested alternative second.  Here's 
what happens when I run

    python.exe C:\PYTHON22\LIB\SITE-P~1\CSV\SETUP.PY

usage: SETUP.PY [global_opts] cmd1 [cmd1_opts] [cmd2 [cmd2_opts] ...]
   or: SETUP.PY --help [cmd1 cmd2 ...]
   or: SETUP.PY --help-commands
   or: SETUP.PY cmd --help

error: no commands supplied

> (3) If you still have a problem, post a message that shows
> (a) what version of Windows you are running
> (b) what version of Python
> (c) your windows path 
> (d) your Python path (import sys; print sys.path)
> (e) what you get when you run Python (at the DOS command line!!) with
> -v and try to import the csv module
> (f) what the MS depends utility says about
> C:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\csv.pyd
> Another thought: I found I had a python22.dll (dated Oct 2002, must be
> from Python 2.2.2) in my c:\WINNT\system32 directory and one dated May
> 2003 (must be from Python 2.2.3) in my c:\Python22 directory ... don't
> know how that happened; puzzling ... I've killed off the older one.
> You might like to search python22.dll *AND* msvcrt.dll and ensure that
> you are using the latest.
> HTH,
> John

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