Kylix reality (was: Python is a gem, you need to keep pushing it ....)

delphiro delphiro at
Fri Jul 4 14:46:57 CEST 2003

> How is Kylix "nasty and not-so-friendly"?  I
> generally think of it as rather polished and
> useful.

We (the company I work for) have a lot of problems with Kylix.
On RedHat 9 debugging threads crashes Kylix, on Debian
Woody the C++ compiler crashes with any compilation and there 
are more crashes, even on 'certified' linux disrtibutions.

It just seems like Borland only supports older Linux distributions
and does not want to release patches for newer RedHat / Suse /
Mandrake releases. Apart from that I think it should work on 
*any* linux distribution not just the 'major' ones.

The IDE also is kind of sloppy (based on Wine) and feels akward
when you are used to the Delphi IDE (there seems to be a slight delay
between a keypress and the action that should happen, even on a PIII-900). 
Personaly I think the Kylix IDE could improve a lot if the code was native. 

Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that Borland takes linux
seriously and compiled Kylix applications run perfectly but 
the product needs a lot of polishing before becoming
as smooth as it is for the Windows platforms.


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