not able to run

Mike Rovner mike at
Fri Jul 25 00:11:46 CEST 2003

Joe Kmoch wrote:
> I've tried to install python2.2 on our Solaris 8 system using the
> package available on the site.  When I try to run
> python I get the following:
> # ls -al python2.2
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 bin      bin      4902360 Feb 17 20:44 python2.2
> # python2.2
> python2.2: fatal: open failed: No such file
> or directory
> Killed

which includes the files and links    libstdc++.a  sparcv9

./sparcv9:        libstdc++.a

Since these files are part of the gcc package, you may not need to install
it if you already have gcc 3.3 installed. This package is created because
some programs will not run without these libraries - installs in


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