How to reverse lookup characters in list?

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Mon Jul 28 06:15:35 CEST 2003

Okay so im working on a very simple encryption method using just loops.
Kind of novel i think. Okay so first i set up a list of the alphabet with
just every seperate letter, then user is prompted for a word, this is not
user friendly just for me. Ok now as you can see below this is pretty
basic, if u can follow all the loops i get to a point where I have the
letter positions in the list for the final word but i dont know of a way
to come back with the corresponding letter to output to the user. Ummm
some help would be really appreciated. Sorry about the length!

from time import sleep
#Alphabet list used to move letters forward for simple encryption.
alphabet =

word_list = []
number_list = []
number_list2 = []
new_word = []
#variable for how far you want to switch
v = 2
word = raw_input("Word: ")
a = len(word)
for x in range(0, len(word)):
    print word[x],
    b = alphabet.index(word[x])

for x in range(0, len(number_list)):
    c = number_list[x]
    c = c + v

for x in range(0, len(number_list2)):
    d = number_list2[x]

for x in range(0,
#Stopped here because dont know of way to switch back.

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