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Raymond Hettinger vze4rx4y at
Thu Jul 17 07:10:52 CEST 2003

Hi Stuart,

The simplest way to get started with Python standard LaTeX markup
is to cut-and-paste from existing TeX files.  Then follow-up with a
script to perform basic checks:  see the current CVS for


It will check for valid TeX markup, balanced delimiters, style warnings,
and common markup errors (for example, confusing forward and
backward slashes).

A better way to get started is to actually read the Documenting Python
section.  In the end, you'll save more time and learn more than
the try-it and see if it works method.

Raymond Hettinger

"Stuart D. Gathman" <stuart at> wrote in message
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> I am still wanting to produce Python standard format documentation for
> Python extensions I have written.  I have looked at the docs that come
> with Python itself, but I am new to Latex, and don't know how to add the
> document classes and styles from texinput for a new project.
> Is there a small project with documentation in the Python standard that I
> can use as an example?
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