object instance data to docbook, xml, pdf, etc?

David Mertz, Ph.D. mertz at gnosis.cx
Fri Jul 11 03:47:17 CEST 2003

Harry George <harry.g.george at boeing.com> wrote previously:
|We are outputting the instance data, sort of like Gnosis xml_objectify,
|but to docbook DTD.

You *could* use XSLT to transform the gnosis.xml.pickle output into
DocBook (I'm pretty sure you mean that, objectify goes in the other
direction generic-XML -> python).

However, I personally find XSLT extremely awkward.  If someone doesn't
give you the done-deal, you might find it useful to take
gnosis.xml.pickle and fork it for your desired DocBook/XML output.  All
the issues about traversing objects is handled, you should pretty much
be able to just look for the XML tags that get written, and substitute
those as needed.

Yours, David...

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