Any open source utilities built on top of PyUnit?

J. Michael Hammond jmike at
Mon Jul 28 18:03:15 CEST 2003

I work in a company that has used Python since its (the company's)
inception in late 1999.  During his initial blaze of white-hot
hacking, the chief architect wrote a unit test class and a moderately
extensive set of unit and regression tests that use this unit test
class.  Since then, other developers have also written unit and
regression tests on top of that unit test class, so we have a pretty
large body of tests that use it.

We are beginning to make some deep changes to the testing
infrastructure that make now a good time to raise the question of
switching from our home-brewed UnitTestClass to the PyUnit package.

I've gone through the PyUnit documentation the decision comes down to
this:  are there any utilities out there, built on top of PyUnit, that
are gaining traction?  Say is there some kind of GUI package that
allows easy "run these suites on these machines" sorts of things?  Or
a test results reporting package?  Or any other things like that?

If there any tools out there like that, that would reduce our total
cost of switching (and maybe indicate the chance to use similar tools
in the future as de-facto standards evolve), then I think we might
well switch.  If not, it's probably not worth the rip-up-and-redo
effort for us to switch to PyUnit.

So what's the scoop?


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