python scripting game The Temple Of Elemental Evil update

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Thu Jul 10 18:50:45 CEST 2003

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> > From: Geoff Gerrietts [mailto:geoff at]
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> > I can't speak for the Temple of Elemental Evil in particular, but this
> > pattern holds true in dozens of similar titles. If they're doing
> > something different, they're doing something really very different.
> Troika have specifically said that it is being used in the AI 
> (presumably NPC and PC if the player turns on PC AI during combat).
> The dialog system is basically an upgraded version of the Arcanum dialog 
> system, so whether that's been augmented with Python I have no idea.
> That's as in-depth as I know.
> Tim Delaney

Well, that's great. We can create new NPCs :D

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