Calling python from asp

BDM viffer750 at
Fri Jul 18 20:38:46 CEST 2003

I'm having a difficult time calling a python module from within ASP.  I have
narrowed the problem down the very beginning of my code, where I'm
attempting to import a method.  Below is a snippet of the code

import sys
print 'Imported Sys'
from pscape.xml.handler import pscape_xml_parser
print  'Imported XML Parser'

The import sys statement works fine.  The import of pscape_xml_parser is
failing. pscape.xml.handler is within my site-packages directory.  I have
checked  python's sys.path from within ASP, and
c:\python22\lib\site-packages is in the path.  This code runs fine when
executed from within the python interpreter, but not when called from ASP.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?  I'm sure it must be something very
simple.  I'm running this under Windows2000 Server, IIS5.0, Python 2.2.2,
and win32all-150.


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