Electronic voting with free software

Paul Rubin http
Mon Jul 21 09:44:44 CEST 2003

"Alan Dechert" <adechert at earthlink.net> writes:
> Our project incorporates a proposal for Remote Attended Internet Voting to
> replace the various existing absentee voting methods employed today.

I wouldn't want to use the public internet that way.  It sounds like
an invitation to launch DOS attacks against the parts of the network
where one's political opponents live.  I don't see the need for any
network connection as long as the election info can be delivered to
all the polling places before the election starts.  If every election
can be enrolled in an FEC database a few weeks before election day
(that means the database has all the info that would get printed on a
ballot), then the whole database can get dumped to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
and shipped to all the polling places in time for the election, no
internet needed.

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