The "intellectual property" misnomer

Tim Peters at
Sat Jul 12 06:58:32 CEST 2003

[Ben Finney]
>>>> If the PSF holds the copyright to Python, please say that.
>>>> If the PSF holds patents which cover Python, please say that.
>>>> If the PSF owns the trademark for Python, please say that.
>>>> If the PSF has trade secrets in Python, please say that.

>>> So you somehow managed to divine Guido's intent from that
>>> "ridiculous, meaningless term"

[Ben Finney]
>> No, I requested that the term be clarified, because *I don't* know
>> what is meant by "The PSF holds the intellectual property rights for
>> Python". It's a meaningless statement as it stands.

[Raymond Hettinger]
> PSF is the copyright holder and issuer of the python license to the
> code covered by that copyright.  Type license() at the command
> prompt to see the elaboration using terms that *do* have meaning
> to the legal types who helped craft and vette the wording.

The PSF is also seeking to obtain the trademarks and service marks CNRI has
obtained relating to Python, and those still in the application process.

> In layman's terms, it means exactly what Guido said.

Heh -- in lawyer's terms too.  I don't see any point to belaboring the
obvious again, though <wink>.

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