how to gunzip a string ?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Jul 30 19:47:43 CEST 2003

Bill Loren wrote:
> I guess I really need some sort of library that will do a gzip decoding to a
> compressed string.
> assume that I have a gzipped_string_reply I got from an HTTP server,
> It'd be superb to have a gunzip class that takes it and return its decoded
> equivalent.
> I managed to do it with the gzip library only after saving the string to a
> file and then opening and reading it
> with, but it's extremely ugly.
> any suggestions ?

trying again:
    (GzipConsumer module)

interface code (based on john j. lee's posting):

    from GzipConsumer import GzipConsumer

    class stupid_gzip_consumer:
        def __init__(self): = []
        def feed(self, data):

    def gunzip(data):
        c = stupid_gzip_consumer()
        gzc = GzipConsumer(c)
        return "".join(

    unzipped_data = gunzip(gzipped_data)


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