Sio serial module install problem with ActiveState

Gary Richardson garyr at
Tue Jul 15 05:27:53 CEST 2003


> BTW, this serial printer is apparently pretty much a 'dump
> and go' type device - the only thing the printer seems to
> be capable of returning is a 4-byte error code after a special
> error report command is sent to the printer - other than that,
> all of the data and commands seem to move downstream only,
> with no return from the printer expected. Is Sio overkill for
> this, i.e. is there some incredibly simple "open a serial port
> under Win32 for write only" command I'm missing in the basic
> Python stuff?
> Many thanks,
> Conrad

I've written a pretty simple serial I/O module that will do what you want.
Email me directly if you would like a copy.

Gary Richardson

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