new to python - looking for a good book

Leo leo.broska at
Tue Jul 1 10:52:49 CEST 2003

i've just started, too and i like  "programming python" from mark lutz.

that's somthing to make you interested what's psossible with python. for
syntax etc i use the doc

cheers, leooo

"jodocus" <johocus at> wrote in message
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> hi,
> I am new to python (but not to programming - have programmed in many
> other languages like C++/lisp/perl etc.) and I would like to buy a good
> book. The local bookstore has no books about Python, so I cannot look
> into a book and see whether I like it. That is why I turned to this
> newsgroup for advise.
> I would like a book with a very complete and correct description of the
> language and the built-in features, and things like how to integrate
> programs with C or C++. I am not looking for a beginner's handbook with
> all kinds of simple examples (since I already know how to program), but
> rather a good formal description of all the features of the language
> (with a good structure and index, so I can use it as a reference).
> I already saw one book at an on-line bookstore that is probably good:
> "Programming Python" by Mark Lutz from O'reilly
> Would you advise me to order this one or are there other books I should
> know about?
> TIA,
> R.

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