Python vs. Perl vs. PHP?

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>> Diez B. Roggisch wrote:
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>> > Python is place 13, with a speed index of 578. PHP is second last (before
>> > bash) and has a speed index of 197.
>> Those benchmarks are doubly useless for the question at hand.  Firstly, 
>> they only test command line applications.  Secondly, PHP is compiled 
>> without optimizations because the rules state that only the default 
>> configuration can be used.  See question 8 of the FAQ:
>>                       Graham
> Yeah, I read the FAQ as well.  I am basically looking for a FAST
> alternative to PHP meaning the responce time is fast.  Do you think
> that Python with using the CGI module is a good solution?

It depends what you mean by fast, and which kind of task you'll to
If you really need fast answer, you'll need to use a webserver or
mod-python to keep the data in memory.
If you need fast execution, you can code a part in C.


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