Executables under Win32

Kevin Cazabon kevin at cazabon.com
Wed Jul 9 21:37:16 CEST 2003

> >There is py2exe and the Macmillan Installer, as well as some lesser
> >known alternatives.  py2exe runs on Windows only, the other on Windows
> >and Linux (at least).  A quick Google for either should get you there...
> >
> >-Peter
> Many thanks :-)

And let me say that py2exe is amazingly simple to use, and works
flawlessly (at least for the 4-5 applications I've used it for) even
for Tcl/Tk programs that some of the other .exe options have issues

Also, if you need an independent installer program to install the
resulting .exe and files, innosetup works very well

(Thanks to everyone working on those projects!!!)

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